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1) Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine

2) Jessica Jones by Mark Bagley & David Mack (on Tumblr)

3) Marlon Brando’s two roles in Superman and Apocalypse Now by Phil Noto on Tumblr

4) Model of the monument Tenax Vitae - originally by Rinaldo Carnielo (1853-1910)

5) Hulk by Gabriele Dell’Otto

6) Cover from Caravan 7 -  Art by Emiliano Mammucari | Colors by Lorenzo De Felici

7) Hans-Peter Feldmann - Untitled (Two girls with a shadow).Clipped image pasted on cardboard and framed. 60 x 80 cm. via museumuesum

8) by Tomer Hanuka

9) Online Predators by Asaf Hanuka

10) Lady Two-Face 1by Meagan-Marie

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what is even going on




yes well all answers will be answered in due time seeing as they are answers and not questions i must answer within the answering time of answers. of course. 

It’s funny when answers don’t get told, secrets get uncovered. In the ashes of a worthless relationship you see that some people just aren’t who they claim to be.

It’s funny when they’re no secrets. We both were seeing other people and transitioning and to claim it was a worthless relationship shows your true person. If you have any questions feel free to talk to me in person.

Warning tumblr: dirty laundry airation

Sorry but that’s not how I operate. I don’t pull people in to me in order to cope with losing someone. You text me the other day saying you missed my face… Ha… I don’t miss you, I lost 9 months of emotionally investing in someone because they got bored of the comfortability that I provided and tried to shroud the truth of their actions with conversational nuance. I’m not upset any more because I’m onto bigger, better titties and to be perfectly honest, the people who have surrounded myself in the wake of this break-down (as opposed to up), I’m so lucky to be able to call my friends. And I’ll take any one of them over 9 months of empty promise and forbidden desires. Sorry love, but I’m done with your memory like it’s the toilet paper I wipe my regal behind with.

If anyone has any questions, drop me an inbox.